Discover a new tourist destination in Thailand Koh Larn

Here, Viet Viet Tourism will introduce you to add a very, very new tourist destinations of Thailand's coral island  Koh Larn. It is still wild and peaceful. You could quickly come to enjoy the peace and comfort offline! 
Tourism Authority of Thailand in Pattaya, visitors will be attracted by the entertainment activities unique, vibrant and seemingly never-ending here, especially your sexy collection show a significant amount of money to be take pictures with the dancers transgender, or watch them perform a sexy dance. However, there is one place that will help you regain balance for exploration of his next Thailand, Koh Larn is.
Koh Larn is a beautiful island, stretching more than 4.5 km from the city of Pattaya, Thailand 7.5 km. Island is also known as the Vietnamese name atoll. True to its name, the island is surrounded by the diversity of coral reefs and marine life.Much of the island is an area of ​​primary forest with flora and fauna diversity, with white sand, clear blue sea gives the island a pristine beauty.

Best feature here is the diving operation coral supported by dedicated tools and technical team of dedicated instructors, help tourists diving safe and effective. Koh Larn Coral reefs are not diverse and beautiful as many other beaches in the world that brings the look rough and barren. The barren of them is the highlight of a beautiful green waters, pristine help regain seems interesting for this area and tourists. The beaches are clean also stirred by the water-related games are varied and interesting as: fishing, skateboarding, surfing, sailing, skydiving ...

Along the coast of Koh Larn island, you also see large published series of chairs lined up, for guests lie. So, you can enjoy relaxing moments while leaning back here. Also, take the time to enjoy fresh seafood from the street stalls along the beach, you will not only discover the fascinating features Thai cuisine, but also know through the fresh taste of island specialties This amazing coral. If you want to buy a gift or souvenir for Koh Larn island trips, then right along the beach, you can easily buy these items at the lovely little shops or street stalls around the coast.

Koh Larn Island is a tourist destination in Thailand extremely attractive and attracted by the poetic beauty and fun. So, if you have the opportunity to Thailand and explore the island favorite, do not forget to visit the island of Koh Larn are light.


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