Gotama Cetiya, masterpiece stupa in Saigon

Chedi Cetiya Gotama is the ideal place for you to just sightseeing, record the pictures nicely, just get rid of all the stress and fatigue of life.

Follow Nguyen skewers, you will arrive with magnificent temples and magnificent. That Buu Long (aka Zen Buu Long) with quiet space, separate from the bustling place between Saigon. 

Wat a campus more than 11 hectares, is located on a hill surrounded by forest trees, overlooking the banks of the Dong Nai River. This is the ideal place for you to just sightseeing tour has found his own purity.

Institute of Buddhist Studies Vietnam has offices in here to do research centers and introduce the history of the Theravada. 

Long Buu has the unique combination of architectural style of the four countries including India, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. This is also the place was built in the culture of ancient Buddhist architecture and the Nguyen Dynasty in Vietnam. Therefore, Buu Long brings a distinct beauty, unique and strange compared to other temples in the country. 

Chedi Gotama Cetiya within this temple, there is a large scale in Vietnam, where the church and the relics of St. Tang Chu, over 2,000 m wide, 70 m high. It expresses the ancient Indian Buddhist era of King Asoka. 

Before the tower is semicircular lake with turquoise, is considered a highlight to help more splendid temples. 

 Sometimes, each wind blowing across the middle of the quiet. Wind bell tower atop the ring jingle. Looked up at the blue sky, admire the majestic towers and listen to the wind bell, you'll probably find peace immensely.

The main entrance leads into electricity with the dragon winding is propped very majestic jewel. 

Leo all four floors are wooden stairs to the top of the tower. You can admire the panoramic temple, watching four surface covered trees and boats through the bustling Dong Nai river.


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