3 new attractions not to be missed in Thailand

Thailand is no longer a destination unknown to most tourists Vietnam, however, does not ensure visitors have explored the full beauty of Thailand. In addition to familiar destinations, Thailand also has city Mimosa, palace Ananta Samakhom ... you have to yet?
1. Palace Ananta Samakhom
Palace of King Rama V Ananta Samakhom building Renaissance architecture as a place to welcome foreign guests and conference organized by the Royal Advisory Council on issues of national development. Palace of King Rama completed VI.
Ananta Samakhom Palace in Dusit district, Bangkok, close to the Summer Palace Dusit Palace.
The tower of the Palace of Ananta Samakhom with curved roofs, spikes, typical of the traditional architecture of Thailand.The entire dome is the frescoes of the events from the time of the Royal Rama I to King Rama VI. Two floors of marble palaces. Inside the palace is decorated 24 small area small jewelry is exquisite carvings, the pastiche of royal items crafted and meticulously as the throne, on elephant back seat, canopy cover, boat models of the king. When to visit you must adhere to strict rules about dress, no shorts, shirt three holes, to wrap sarong and women do not have a picture.
2. City Mimosa Thailand
Areas adjacent to the famous tourist city of Thailand and Pattaya Chonburi province, Mimosa is one of the shopping malls and colorful combination of extremely unique, and increasingly attracting more tourists to visit shopping and exploring.
Mimosa is a 10 "city of love" world city motifs love Colmar (France). On the roads are paved romantic, visitors will find relieved by the European-style benches along the walkway, the comic frames are employees take an unexpected way, or even smile solubility of the Thai girls.

By vineyard Vineyard, you'll spoiled enjoy large space, fresh stretches over an area of ​​1,200 ha. You will be seated car to visit the vineyards and try to hand pick the grapes ripened on the tree. The vineyards with a straight style, mixed with flower beds, flower beds, flower, flower cars, furniture flowers, wall flowers, artificial lake will bring you feeling extremely relaxed gently in a green space, idyllic and peaceful. Here there is a large shop display and sell quality products made from grapes, grape juice, grape candy, grape jam ...



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