MyFile is a file manager, document viewer, view/audio player and encrypted files

MyFile is a file manager, document viewer, view/audio player. All data in app is encrypted should be data security and privacy guarantees. If you do not believe try to download app and check.

Using MyFile is easy. In Tab-bar menu 'File' just click button add to display action sheet menu. You can tap on screen to create folder , receive image, video from Photo and add file from SkyDrive of your.

# File Manager
- Add file from the system and SkyDrive
- Create new folder? - Copy, paste, delete, rename operations
- Upload file in app to SkyDrive
- Take photo or video inside the app.

# Powerful media player
- Support mov, m4v, mp4, flv, avi

# Music player
- Support mp3, wav, wma

# Document viewer
- Support pdf, word, excel
- Send file as email attachment

# Privacy Protection
- App passcode
- All data in app is encode 

if you need to contact or comments for app please download



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