Ancelotti, Ronaldo and set a record: List of High Bar & map

Ancelotti and CR7 is the key to uplifting strings match of Real.
Professor Ancelotti List
Ancelotti was famous before after leading Real success with Juventus, AC Milan or Chelsea, but true to the Bernabeu, Carletto like a fish to water. With a team consisting of many stars and quite balanced, strategists have the opportunity Italian talent by creating a machine "destroy" actually.
After success with the double Champions League and King's Cup last season, Real, despite some disturbance of personnel in the summer but do not affect the strength of the "white vultures".Even, "Los Blancos" are becoming more frightening.

Ancelotti is turning into a powerhouse Real "destruction"

Since the 1-2 defeat to Atletico (14/9) to date, Real have spent 15 wins on all three fronts Liga, Champions League and King's Cup, scoring a total of 53 goals (average of 3 , 5 goals / match). In particular, the victory over Basel helped Real Ancelotti go down in history as the 3rd boss owns a chain of 15 consecutive victories after coach Miguel Munoz seasons 1960/61 and 2011/12 seasons Jose Mourinho.
In the sublimation of Real streak, Ancelotti huge mark. The successful docking Carletto two new factors Toni Kroos and James Rodriguez to replace Di Maria, Alonso to leave Real created a fresh and extremely unpredictable. Team Royal Spanish attack fast, direct and directions makes the opponent can not resist.
Another advantage of Ancelotti can not not mention, which is the Italian national strategy to create a peaceful atmosphere in the dressing room, it's predecessor and Mourinho did not get to go, "not the trumpet does not empty ".
In a recent interview, vice defender Ramos has revealed the atmosphere in the dressing room of the Bernabeu: "locker room now more united than 2 years ago. We always wanted to create a warm atmosphere and no one having problems. "
Ramos said what to see, Ancelotti has used art "Dale Carnegie" very successful. Carletto not apply things like Mourinho iron discipline, he left to the student self-discipline and mutual respect, and willing to listen to the opinion of the players.
Cao map Ronaldo
Real Although the "Milky Way", but Ronaldo is still "the stars" brightest. Goals against Basel CR7 help "white vultures" became the only team victorious after five plays in the Champions League match this season, while providing comparable Ronaldo scoring record at the most prestigious level playing field Club legend Raul (with 71 goals).

Ronaldo was conquered in a series of record-shirt Real

But that's not all what the press, fans praised FIFA Ballon d'Or incumbent. Terrible performer Ronaldo scored in 2014, especially in the new season (26 goals in 19 games) is that these words of praise he became scarce.
European Golden Shoe, scorer Liga, Champions League top scorer (17 goals scored record / s), the title of "best player in Europe in 2014" ... is the just reward for the efforts and performance of CR7 scored in 2014.
master list "Ancelotti and" high-map "Ronaldo is creating an extermination machine called "Real Madrid" to sow fear throughout Europe. Leading Liga, Champions League triumph, "white vultures" is looking forward to a great season success (owls eat 3), which has a very important goal, becoming the first team to successfully defend positions Champions League ...


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