Buy "young rice": bargain million, giants merciful heart

A series of business sale "young rice" in the beginning of a new era of economic change brought about the giant mountain of money, but also marked the unfortunate disappearance of Vietnamese brands dominated the market in and water can reach the regional level.  >> Breeding and selling big, giant Vietnam pocketed hundreds of millions of dollars

The brand disappeared
In 1995, after 7-8 years to build up the brand toothpaste reputation has spread, accounting for 50-90% market share in each region in the country, Trinh Thanh Nhon entrepreneur decided to sell the brand has spread Colgate Palmolive for the $ 3 million.
Three million dollars is a really big number for any entrepreneur at the time of Vietnam's economy began to open to foreign capital. Meanwhile, the US lifted sanctions and large corporations flocking to Vietnam to find business opportunities.
This acquisition not only brought him a large sum Nhon but also to convey the expectations of businessmen in the boom brand has spread through handshakes with Colgate Palmolive Corporation has a history of hundred years of operations on a global scale. He was also involved in the management of the joint venture between the two parties.

However, the truth is not as expected of this business. He Nhon purposes only earn a big money. A few months later, the brand has spread has been set aside to replace the Colgate toothpaste. The name has spread permanently gone though he Nhon then attempted to build.
No "dead" as Da Lan, but the brand P / S has seniority over 10 years and has spread with this brand holds almost 100% of the domestic market before 1995 and fall completely into the hands of foreign investors.
Last month 8/2012, extraordinary shareholders' meeting of Saigon TRIBECO surprisingly announced dissolution. This is the final shock to the shareholders. TRIBECO - Vietnam over 20 years of brand building - will disappear or belonging to foreigners. Taiwan's Uni-President Enterprises has held a controlling share TRIBECO and dissolution, the Board of Directors to buy back shares at just 2,300 contracts.
Vietnam rare brand that can compete with the "big" foreign refreshing Pepsi, Coca-Cola Enterprises has rapidly belong Taiwan after the mistakes of business cooperation, to sell shares to the Uni-President and owls "drawn wood bottom of the pot" spectacular foreign partner. Money is pumped, investment TRIBECO wear jewelry chain falls on the day before prolonged losses and forced to sell their dissolution.

TRIBECO - Vietnam over 20 years of brand building - will disappear or belonging to foreigners.

Loss dropped the "pride Vietnam"
The rapid disappearance of the brand as a proud Vietnam Da Lan, TRIBECO ... is a pity for community Vietnam enterprises have been difficult to create a place right in the domestic market.
Da Lan end to the story "trap" of TRIBECO or blurring of the brand is assessed as very promising Pho 24, Highlands Coffee, Beer Huda, Diana ... made many people asking startled question: why brand Vietnam stillborn?
More than a decade after a "sell non rice," said Trinh Thanh Nhon was devoted to rebuilding "pride Vietnam". However, enthusiastic boss was not able to do a similar feat in the past, although the amount paid out huge bargain compared to his earlier obtained.
There is one truth: the scale foreign corporations tens, hundreds of billions of dollars as Unilever, Colgate ... has established a firm foothold in the Vietnam market. The cost several million dollars they spent to penetrate and dominate the Vietnamese market is probably very cheap.

Most brand names sold in Vietnam and
Da Lan wanted to have a "perfect comeback" in 2009. But the situation has changed. Business opportunities and create the only place many times and it will be difficult to return.
Where Pho 24, the loss of control of growth storm might have forced boss Ly Qui Trung must accept to name brainchild, so it matured, grown in the "arms of society ".
Slightly different than "Da Lan", Pho 24 has not lost its rice offering name but can not grow as expected by the "father" of it. So far, noodle - dishes with bold ethnic identity Vietnam, there is no prominent brand to "go beat his angels."
Diana's brother's house by himself or X-Men Phan Quoc Cong still is the well-known brands in the country, sales soared. However, the boss of them now are foreigners. As Mr. Nguyen Duc Son, Director of Brand Strategy, Richard Moore Associaties (RMA), respond to the press, "most of the brand names in Vietnam began to sell out then."
Vietnam's economy has grown strongly during the past two decades with continuous GDP growth, FDI became a phenomenon in the region and in the world ... however, there is the underdog of local businesses, is the continuous growth of FDI investors, the dominance of foreign corporations in many important areas such as animal feed, animal breeds, retail, manufacturing and assembling cell Motorcycle ...
And the brand associated with creativity and the ability to seize the opportunity impression of Vietnamese businessmen, in a few areas such as toothpaste, cosmetics, confectionery, beverages, ... were foreign acquirer, in certain angle, leaving regret for the community and is an outcome seems incomplete.


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