Hoang Thinh: Warriors of the team quietly Vietnam

Even the Battle Force met Indonesia, Imperial Coach Miura Thinh was trusted in the starting lineup. Although only 22, but Hoang Thinh has obtained the power of rock elder Tan Tai. In fact, with the Coach Miura was very keen eye. He found that the strengths of the Tan Tai Hoang Thinh not get. It is very young, the ability of comprehensive procedures and especially the desire dedication.
With what Hoang Thinh expressed in a military battle, clear Tan Tai absolutely no stone door key competitive rate. Thus, immediately after the game against the Lao Tan Tai given the opportunity to play, Hoang Thinh to play in the starting lineup of DTVN, the game is very important in the Philippines last night.
Hoang Thinh is demonstrated outstanding performance
Be the master trust, Hoang Thinh has one of the most memorable matches of his career. Shortly after 9 minutes, Hoang Thinh catch a pass out of Vinh then suddenly takes a shot from 30 meters decisively broke away land that beat goalkeeper Philippines insufficient. The main goal that Miura coach and teammates Hoang Thinh can not expect to do so well. To be fair, the Royal opener Philippines Thinh of the net last night with no small sense of reflection rather poor and goalkeeper Patrick Deyto. But obviously, have to admit that Nghe An SL midfielder has proved very assertive. The bold, confident of Hoang Thinh, is exactly what is needed in Miura coach young players.
Not only for their own goals, beginning 2nd half, the young midfielder Nghe An phase tectonic help Vu Tuan breakthrough for DTVN doubling. A pass can be extremely subtle said Hoang Thinh, showed the ability to observe, to master a very good ball striker Nghe.
In addition to the above two markers, Hoang Thinh to reassure the audience, as he has the very best customer support, both remotely intercept and quickly retreated to the defense lined.
Excellent performances Hoang Thinh of making the player himself admits as he was dreaming. 19 years old, he had been promoted to the first team SL Nghe An and soon asserted his position, and the game was played the full 26 in V-League 2011 is a testament. However, Hoang Thinh seems to have no affinity with the national team and Olympic.
Over the past 4 years from the date of emergence in color U21 SL Nghe An, Hoang Thinh always been regarded as unlucky young stars. In any Thinh injury at the time of record Olympic DTVN or attend international tournaments. He had 3 times the club returned after the injury. Even luck still haunted Hoang Thinh vote in both the title of best young players as well as in the young nation. In three consecutive years from 2010 to 2012, Thinh are listed nominated "Best Young Player Vietnam" but all 3 times Thinh pity if only the 2nd place Hoang Thinh contributions style of play in clubs and on recruitment is too quiet, not many people that he recognized.
Hoang Thinh's style of play, many people remember about one of the most talented midfielders Vietnam's football Quoc Vuong. Yet, while his elder stick round early labor management, Hoang Thinh the back is facing a future full of bright, when he was only 22 years old.
And if you keep playing like last night's match, the unsung feats of Hoang Thinh, deserves to be recognized. Miura coaches have seen the qualities in Hoang Thinh and am giving him the opportunity to express themselves in AFF Cup this year.


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