iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 4: The choice for you?

According to the latest statistics from the PhoneArena, votes for Galaxy Note 4 outclasses than iPhone 6 Plus.
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or iPhone 6 Plus is 2 form phablet are very popular in today's mobile market, by each product are available on the strengths that any of us would like to own them. If you want to find a smooth, stable design with high-end aluminum frames, together with the excellent thin, then come to the iPhone 6 Plus. As for the Galaxy Note 4, you will have the exciting experience of interesting features, with the advanced technology, the configuration parameters of the most powerful current.

However, according to recent estimates of the page readers PhoneArena technology based on these criteria, screen, camera, interface design, Galaxy Note 4 were upstaged, the number of votes almost folded sometimes, even higher than the iPhone 3 6 Plus. As in the evaluation of the screen, the iPhone 6 Plus reaches 906 votes, while the Galaxy Note 4 number of votes up to 4210, accounting for 82% of the total.

Both of shooting too, Note 4 reached 3711 vote, and iPhone 6 Plus mere 1117 votes, quietly for 23% of the total votes. Besides, readers also like PhoneArena and rugged design of the Galaxy Note 4 square with 4210 votes, 906 votes ahead of number 6 Plus for iPhone. Even with Samsung's TouchWiz interface works based on Android also 'beats' iPhone 6 Plus, even though the interface on iOS from past to present users appreciate the stability and simple, easy to use. And if you are, you will choose iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Plus 4? Let TechZ a comment offline!


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