The route between Barca: Put faith in Mascherano

Looking at the performance of Mascherano in the midfield against APOEL, the question that affordable coach Enrique was time to move permanently "payroll" for players up the middle?

Testing aesthetic satisfaction
Before APOEL coach Enrique has launched the starting lineup for the middle surprise when Xavi and Busquets along the bench to make room for young talent and Rafinha Mascherano. This is the first time the trio Mascherano - Rafinha - Rakitic keeping together.
Of course things are classified stone midfielder Mascherano is the center of attention for over 4 years, he has always been the coach pressed play at center back position short basis. According to what is going on, Barca has operated rotating 4-3-3 and 3-4-3 in the island of Cyprus, and MASCHE are coordinating role ball very impressive.
For Messi, Suarez disengaged "dancing" in front of the APOEL, obviously totally patronizing Mascherano was holding the ball. In a day pass Barca hit a record number of 934 times (840 completed), Mascherano was the boss midfield. He passed the time and exactly 117 to 110 (According whoscored page). He also ran for 11 km.

Mascherano (center) has had an impressive game being played in forte

There Mascherano, Rakitic and Rafinha to actively participate in the attack. Pair backs Alba - Alves transformed into a winger, replayed images Barca at peak times. Get support from MASCHE, defensive duo Pique - Bartra relived clear.
Sitting on the bench, Busquets would be pleased to have a little lemon in the lowest position where the Barca midfield, Mascherano did a good job too. The difference in Mascherano is he still maintains high efficiency, stable despite the partner change, time after Messi scored to make the score 3-0.
With the ability to move flexible, agile, Mascherano sometimes difficult to rise directly to the APOEL defense. On the 4th of Barca goal, the former Liverpool player was noted in shoes like that combination with Xavi before pushing the ball to Pedro beautiful "indirect" for Messi.
Restore original instinct of Mascherano
APOEL may not necessarily fit opponents to prove that he Mascherano adequate become the most important person in the Barca midfield. But what he has shown as open a new hope for the "Blaugrana" of the so-called is a new face in the tiki-taka a change.
Barca gradually over a period of crisis when midfielder Mathieu more recruits, the maturity of Batra. It's time to move permanently coach Enrique "payroll" for Mascherano up the middle, where appropriate and really put his name ever goes away.

It's time to kick midfielder Mascherano

Xavi now played a match yet know it. Iniesta injured more abuse. While Busquets from the beginning of the season, was no longer himself, partly because the old structure midfield breakages. News Mascherano used at this time can help turn Barca way than ideal.
At the 2014 World Cup, Mascherano ever restore the original function when you yourself are a true leader in Argentina Tel. Messi was much praised for the goal but MASCHE as an unsung hero who helped his team win the runner origin Tango world.
Immediately after the formal power at the Nou Camp, coach Enrique away 4 year contract extension with Mascherano. Was at Barca is the most stable structure, he will begin to trust in Mascherano for the role of "boss middle" ?!


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