VietJet Air explanation orders 92 Airbus aircraft

Director says VietJet Air has arranged a financial plan for orders ...

According to Mr Khanh, reasonable airfares will boost traffic, tourism,
 investment Consequently, the increased passenger travel.

VietJet Air had temporary orders 92 Airbus aircraft, with a total value of $ 9 billion. This is considered a huge order for a private airlines like Air VietJet.

According VietJet Air, the airline said on 92, 62 units will definitely be buying the remaining aircraft carriers that have right to buy, the delivery date not yet determined. Among the 62 definitely purchase, expected to have 42 A320neo aircraft, fuel-saving version of the A320 - the best-selling product line of Airbus, 14 A320s, and 6 A321s. Reply Bloomberg on the basis of reason and order on Mr Luu Duc Khanh, CEO VietJet Air said, orders based on development plans its fleet, from 5 to 10 units per year, serves to develop domestic flights and international and joint ventures abroad. According to Khanh, the number of aircraft per year VietJetAir reception is relatively reasonable and prudent, given the fact in recent years, low-cost airlines has increased from 3 to 10 in the current year and a half. For orders above, the first shipment was delivered in quarter 4/2014, the contract is made from 2014 - 2022, each year VietJet Air received from 5-10 units. Under an agreement with Airbus, aircraft VietJetAir receive each year, each quarter. As usual and as well as the signed agreement, the payment schedule spread planned aircraft recognition.According to Khanh, reasonable airfares will boost traffic, tourism, investment Consequently, the operating Passenger rapid growth, in the context of many international routes untapped potential. VietJet Air confident with your business plan, make sure the routes will be filled. "Du place to develop the aviation industry is huge," he said Khanh and interpretation, in Southeast Asia - aviation market, the most dynamic in the world, Malaysia has seven aircraft over 1 million people, Thailand 2.5 units, a 1.4 Philippines, Vietnam is still only approximately one plane over 1 million people . On the financing of orders, Khanh said he has arranged specific plans and feasibility. VietJet Air primarily working with financial institutions and large foreign banks in financing issues aircraft. Until now, everything is according to plan in place, including the financial settlement. Vietjet Air currently has 14 domestic flights and two international flights from Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi to Thai Lan. The company said the future will continue to launch more domestic flights and international connections to tourist destinations and Asian economies such as Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan .. .


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