Windows Phone and "cold water" called Office for iOS

While the forthcoming iOS and Android are in favor of providing free Office, the owners of Windows Phone has not yet had the opportunity to experience the full suite of offices.

Office Office software suite is provided free of charge for iPad.

Last week, Microsoft announced began offering free versions of Office for iOS for iPhone and iPad, along with a preview version of Office for Android (official version is expected to be released next year).
However, so far the giant software maker has yet to release Office platform dedicated to "pet" Windows Phone.
The application in the Office including Word, Excel and PowerPoint are available for iPhone, iPad, and Android now allow users to create and edit content without having to register the application package for Office 365 Office Mobile Subscribers.
Meanwhile, Windows users must still owns Office 365 account if you want to get the full experience of the Office suite, and this reinforces the injustice for Windows OS users.
Maybe this is explained by Microsoft to make money because they are a business. With the number of devices iOS and Android quite popular in the market, they focused their efforts on developing applications for this device to be a smart move. Microsoft's goal is to help users more involved in ecosystem services of the company and also to replace the competing solutions such as Google Apps.
However, earlier this week Microsoft representative said the company is developing a customized version of Office is dedicated to sensors running Windows, namely Windows 10 operating system is expected to release the latest next year.Analysts said that this move is considered to appease users Windows Phone, as otherwise it will increasingly make users feel Microsoft considered more important source of customers.
Analysts said that Microsoft not afford to hire a team of software development platform for Windows Phone Office as they did with the version of Office for iOS and Android, but until now they Ang seem real war. Partly perhaps because the market share of Windows Phone is still a small number compared to other mobile devices, only 2.5% in the second quarter / 2014 according to statistics from market research firm IDC.
According to IDC forecasts, Windows Phone market share depends very much on how Microsoft operates like, shaking hands with partners like and how the parts which had been Nokia Microsoft takeover.
Microsoft seems to try to change and go up after Steve Ballmer's reign ended when the US software company is willing to cooperate more with the platform competition, efforts to make Windows as popular as Android.
New general director Satya Nadella many completely different policy than his predecessors.
Clearly, Microsoft today no longer competitive spirit as the Bill Gates, while Nadella apparently are trying to eliminate the competition with the thought that "the currency will automatically stop at the door" and accept " won two lost one. "
But ultimately, whether Microsoft "win" or "lose" the Windows Phone users still hope to have versions of Office exclusively for their mobile devices.


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