World racing shopping day "Black Friday"

By appointment back up, the American people and places around the world are eagerly awaiting the start "black Friday" (Black Friday), the time the company will offer products with attractive price many promotions.

Consumers are crammed in a Wal-mart

Traditionally, the US retail group chose Friday after Thanksgiving to mark the start of the holiday shopping season.Currently the retail group in the United States have a large amount of people waiting to purchase online and in stores as Amazon, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target and Apple.
Last year, the total expenditure on the day "Black Friday" in the United States amounted to about $ 57 billion, with an average spend per customer is about 407 USD. This is slightly lower than the $ 59 billion milestone of 2012, but some data indicate that Americans gradually choosing alternatives when shopping online than in 2013, total spending for online shopping is about 1 , $ 3 billion, up from $ 1 billion milestone in 2012.
With the success obtained in the United States, the retail group of countries has brought the festival "Black Friday" abroad. Four years ago, Amazon has successfully introduced the "Black Friday" in English. Since then, there has been further branch of the US retail group in the UK into the "Black Friday", led by Amazon, Apple and Wal-Mart's Asda. Analysts predict this year will be the day "Black Friday" the most successful in the UK when the customer has prepared to "scramble" the items at bargain prices.
British Retail Consortium, Tesco this year is preparing up to 70% more types of items with expected total expenditure during the "Black Firday" will pass holidays "Boxing Day". The Group will also join Sainsbury occasion "Black Friday" in the UK, with the proposed discounts at 485 stores across the UK.

Department store chain John Lewis will also make suggestions about 100 discounts with ambition can overcome record online shopping days of "Black Friday" last year. Visa firm an estimated expenditure for the day "Black Friday" of people in the UK will rise 22% over last year and about £ 1 billion will be spent on this occasion.

Also in Canada, the retail group also began offering new attractive prices now to prevent influx of southern border with the intention of buying opportunity in the US "Black Friday".

In Mexico, the opportunity to "Black Friday" occurs coincides with "El Buen Fin", the event celebrates its Liberation Day. Therefore, many shops were introduced to consumers the price and package attractive promotions.


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