Chelsea & Winter Championship: Class MouTeam

Just one more point to win, Chelsea will win the championship officially winter (leg Premier League). This is the "fruits" fully deserved after what proved MouTeam on grass.

Public strength, strong defense: the perfect machine
After a 2-0 win over West Ham last night, with 45 points after 18 rounds (won 14, drawn 3 and lost 1), Chelsea are haughtily on the top of the chart Premier League this season, more teams ranked No. 2 are the champions Man City to 3 points. That means that just won one point on the field of Southampton tomorrow night (21h05, 28/12), "The Blues" will officially Winter Championships (leg).

Looking back at what Mourinho's men have shown, the current record is extremely deserving reward. In season 2, 2 working tenure at Stamford Bridge, "The Special One" has built beautiful game, but extremely efficient sure to Chelsea.

Chelsea are the team no weaknesses

After 18 rounds, Chelsea are the strongest team in attack (40 goals scored) and also the most solid defense (only 13 goals conceded). It also owns the 2nd best scorer in the league this season, Diego Costa (13 goals) and Cesc Fabregas foot ball 1 (12 lines tectonics).
It does not say that the Chelsea is a perfect machine. "The Blues" with the services of striker Diego Costa scary, a talented architect Fabregas, "scanner" Matic midfielder Terry Steel (rejuvenation at the age of 34) and guard house Courtois very reliable. In every location, MouTeam very evenly to create resonant power that rivals should fear.
Mourinho who is considered "anti football" to play overly pragmatic, but with what he is doing for Chelsea, the Portuguese tactician deserves the praise. When there are enough cards needed, just rock MouTeam beautiful, and effective while ensuring the firm where defense. That is what the president Abramovich and the fans want so long.
Glory awaits
Ability winter champions Chelsea is very high, because the opponent in round 19 as Southampton, money-losing team after the first boom period of the season. Win in the last two rounds, but the "dark horse" Southampton had previously lost three consecutive matches (Manchester United, Arsenal, Burnley), should be put in the balance is difficult to compare with "The Blues".
1 point is enough to MouTeam Southampton before the official championship winter, but will not be surprised if Chelsea win all 3 points to maintain distance with chasing group. If that happens, "The Blues" will have more confidence to take note of stage plays.

Chelsea deserved the No. 1 candidate for the championship

According to statistics, in the NHA's 3 championship Chelsea (including 2 times under Mourinho in the season 2004/05 and 2005/06), "The Blues" are winter champions. Although this is only a statistical nature of "reference", but there is also a facility to Mourinho and the game will be more confident crowned at the end of the season despite the two teams chasing Manchester, especially Man City.
Play, human history and are supported MouTeam. 2014/15 Premier League championship is the specific target of Chelsea , but the fans at Stamford Bridge could think about things further, Champions League or FA for "The Special One" 2nd career win struck the "eat three" great ...


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