Man City - Everton: hard to win 3 points

Everton have demonstrated that they rival the Premier League champions afraid.

Chelsea's defeat made ​​a few days ago Man City determined to win against Everton than ever.However, it has been determined to bounce a cold water as "mammon" Sergio Aguero injured and left the field shortly after 2 minutes.
Take advantage of the time not all stunned rivals, Everton continue to promote aggressive rock style and create dangerous situations on goal by Joe Hart.
In the most difficult moments, bravery champion said. Man City suddenly opened the scoring with a goal from the penalty spot thanks to Yaya Toure (24 minutes).

Yaya Toure scored the only goal of the game on 11m

Goals help Man City regain confidence somewhat. They held many situations notable attack, with Everton made ​​pair of attractive posture throughout the rest of the first half.
To the second half, the game speed is pushed even higher, the tackles more drastic happening with the presence of Dzeko, Nasri side or Mirallas Man City, Everton Lukaku side. However, the most important factor is the goal did not come.
Win 1-0, Man City continues to consolidate 2nd place in the standings Premier League and only three points less true Chelsea.


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