Bale enough "big" to replace Ronaldo

Currently, Gareth Bale is very confident to steer Real circumstances superstar Ronaldo absent due to a red card in the second match against Cordoba.

Bale enough "big" to be believed
The role and value of the Wales midfielder has always shown worthy of the amount of 100 million euros that Real spent to recruit him from Tottenham in 2013. But the most remarkable thing forGareth Bale in the dome Bernabeu is that he is ready to face challenges and difficulties to assert themselves in the colorful life in the city of Madrid.
Just recently, after the game against Espanyol (La Liga Round 18) Stars born in 1989 under a lot of pressure, even viewed as "judgment" worst in Bale's career because not pass to Ronaldo. CR7 from being a straight face, to the Madridista gasped as selfish habits or former Tottenham midfielder Spanish media are seen as targets for attack.

Bale increasingly more mature
However, the most expensive player in the world to see it as motivation to improve ourselves further. It has been demonstrated in a 2-1 win for "white vultures" before the recent Cordoba. In the most difficult circumstances when Real play a man short (CR7 was the referee sent off for his name opponent), Bale shines in time for 2 consecutive free kick at the end of the match (one direct and one penalty) to thereby "Los Blancos" upstream choke.
Keep in mind, this is not the first time the 25-year-old proved his worth after being criticized. It is known that the first half of the season Bale injury and did not get the highest performance left him NHM "boycott", they even called him before the sale BLD Real unsettled drastically from MU.
And now, when Ronaldo absent 2 match suspension due to the pressure and the expectations of NHM will be put into a much larger Bale in Chanters are tons of "Los Blancos". This is considered a challenge and catalyst for Welsh players can prove the value of a big star, especially beyond the shadow of the "elder" Ronaldo is covered dome at the Bernabeu .
Absent Ronaldo, Real had Bale
Before the absence of the Portuguese star in the game against Real Sociedad and Sevilla here inLa Liga , many misgivings set out to attack the problem of teacher coach Ancelotti. Because, only the reigning Ballon d'Or in 2014 accounted for 43.75% of the total number of goals in the league Real highest country Gaur (28/64 table after 20 rounds - not including one game in hand) in this season . However, Gareth Bale did not think so when he confidently declared that the Royal Spanish team can flourish with the victory as "split bamboo" without the services of Ronaldo.
Affirming the Wales midfielder has sparked mixed opinions. While many people have the notion that, Bale expressed confidence outrageous and not taken seriously "elder" Ronaldo before the sentence suspended for two games. But if you consider a fair way, faith Bale is entirely based on many different levels.
First, though absent "trump card" team Bernabeu Stadium still owns a staging stars "good war" on the offensive line, count as Benzema, James Rodriguez, Bale, Chicharito or talent Jese Rodriguez. In particular, among them former Tottenham midfielder is rated higher than both, while his scoring record in this season for Real in the league with only 10 times less CR7 tore through the defense after 16 games played.

Bale can help Real forget the day live without Ronaldo

Bale and Ronaldo have admitted they do not conflict with each other, but to play for a team many big stars as "white vultures" will always be competition between individuals, and not necessarily duo exception. Even an AS are identified, youth and ambition of Bale is on the road replaced the Portuguese star in the near future at Real. And when CR7 not play in the next round will be a good opportunity to deal with the world's most expensive emerge.
A basis that the NHM Ancelotti Royal Spanish team can put absolute trust in Bale's ability to explode when Ronaldo absent. In addition to the recent game against Cordoba, Welsh player has a role play hero in many previous battles as the King Cup final last season, Bale has created a solo productions help Real beat Barca rivalry 2- 1. Or FIFA Club World Cup final in 2014, the former Tottenham player set goals for a 2-0 win for "Los Blancos" before San Lorenzo.
Above all, when trust is in place, there will be answers Bale deserves for Real!



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