$ 150 billion - the survival of not only the Japanese economy

Today, Japan announced a stimulus plan worth $ 15.400 billion yen, or $ 150 billion - the largest in the history of this country, the most important economic and survival with nature the political future of Prime Minister Taro Aso.

Economic stimulus package opens hopes for Asian investors.

This plan is the Liberal Democrats (LDP) of Aso-in editor and through yesterday, amid amid the Japanese economy is in a severe recession since the end of World War II. Production decline rates above contributed significantly to the entire GDP of Japan went down.

According to the analyst, the recession of the Japanese economy will continue in the first quarter ending and will extend through Q2 2009. If this forecast is correct, the Japanese economy will suffer 5 consecutive quarter of decline. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Japan's growth in 2009 will decline at a rate of negative 5.8%.

This plan, equivalent to 3% of the total domestic product of Japan, may be part of a larger economic stimulus package, including tax cuts, ensuring credit for businesses and Other measures.

New stimulus plan by the government officially announced today, but also to vote in Parliament, where the opposition holds a majority in the Senate.

Before leaving London to attend the G20 summit last Japanese prime minister said he had instructed draft a new plan from now until mid-April.This plan focuses on three areas: environmental protection industry and the fuel-saving products, health and help the elderly and finally the electronic entertainment industry, culture and tourism development fashion to increase the market share of Japan in the world.

Prime Minister Taro Aso has threatened to hold elections before the deadline scheduled for October this year, if the plan said on stuck in Congress. That's why the new plan is not only vital in economic terms, but also decide the political future of Prime Minister Aso, as predicted, the results of the next election will be very close. Incumbent government must prove to voters see as they did their best to put the Japanese economy out of recession.

New stimulus plan is to implement long-term policies by Prime Minister Taro Aso proposed to promote economic growth in Japan since 2020.

Aso announced that in the framework of this policy, his government aims to create 1.4 to 2 million jobs in the next three years. This long-term policies to implement the ambitious Prime Minister Taro Aso of Japan is turning into a nation less polluting.

From October last year to now, Tokyohas launched two stimulus plan.Earlier, the Japanese government said intend to spend a total of 75,000 billion yen, equivalent to 750 billion dollars to cope with the recession has not seen outlet.


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