3 Korean dishes storm in Hanoi

Tteokbokki stinging, gimbab rum crispy fried, pasta or rice mixed with black cool attractive Korean dishes are much loved.
Korean cuisine is famous for delicious and impressive. Not only indigenous people love that when introduced to other countries, these items also received much positive feedback. Here are some suggestions for believers Korean cuisine in the capital.

Tteokbokki eye-catching bright red sauce and tasty, spicy fit winter Hanoi

Tteokbokki spicy rice cakes are traditional Korean, sold mainly in the front sidewalk in South Korea. Whether you quite spicy but from children, youth to elderly loved this dish.
Tteokbokki ingredients include rice cakes garaetteok, gochujang chili, meat, eggs, spices and vegetables. In addition, fried bread is also common with many other ingredients such as beef, onion, fried fish ... depending on preferences of each person.
Tteokbokki taste of chili gochujang should not consistent with unfamiliar people or hate spicy food. But the devotees of spicy, this dish is worth enjoying. In Hanoi, spicy rice cakes sell at Ngoc Khanh, Xa Dan, Horizontal Row, Xuan Thuy ... for  35,000 to 50,000 VND per disc.
Gimbab fried
Whether diners eat fried foods but not easily bored.
 Gimbab (aka kimbab) - one of the many items on sale in South Korea Hanoi - seaweed rice roll with core consisting of eggs, sausage and vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers ... This dish can be processed into many different forms, such as eggs or gimbab kimchi, fried or traditional forms.
The type of processing favorite, fried gimbab same way as traditional, but after finishing the book will roll over eggs and flour ruffled, finally fried then cut into small pieces.
Presentation of the disc, each piece is yellow gimbab cumbersome beautiful.  Not only that portion of rice flexible blended rum crispy outer layer forming alluring scent. You can eat together mayonnaise or soy sauce.
The Dao Tan Street, Tran Vu Dang Van Ngu, Ngoc Khanh is easy to find where this item. Prices fluctuate fried gimbab disc 25000-35000 VND contract.
Pastas Black
Despite high prices, but wheat is still black favorite Korean food in Hanoi.
Pastas Black is a popular cold noodles in Korea, eat a lot in the summer with cool water man with a lot of cooling foods like green beans, bean sprouts, the welding meats, vegetables like tomato carrots, potatoes ... In Hanoi, black noodles are served throughout the year, to meet the needs of large customers.
Typical dishes of pasta is mixed with black bean sauce, creating distinctive colors, attractive. When serving, the sauce is not always mix that was spread on wheat bowl.
You can enjoy black noodles in Tran Vu Street, Xa Dan, Ngoc Khanh at an average price of 55,000 VND per bowl.


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