Once Coffee, reading corner of the soul in peace

The emotional line to the bartender about life or human elements that make up the special place this small cafe.
Coffee is not of the new trends in Hanoi, but finding just relaxing reading corner, just to be heard, share stories on the sidelines with the shop owners have few places. Once Coffee is such a new case. 
With simple criteria, not too picky about the way, the restaurant is in white painted French style house with three rooms and a courtyard adjacent small end side. A timber prices presented enough material dispensing drinks at the first time, a few words or fake cough framed in decorative painting second time, the books - books of all kinds in the third dimension and green place sunny yard catch.
Set in the subdued atmosphere of the lounge that is soft and glossy brown wood furniture exudes intimacy, comfort. Flowers decorate each table is not the same, and seasonal changes. Outer space could be red velvet roses but go deep into the bottle daisy see robins gentle, shy. Thus, each seat or sit in the corner of the bar gives the overall feeling of enjoying different.
The menu here consists of brown stone, teas, smoothies, yogurt ... and a few snacks. The price is also inadequate, only 25,000 dong, enough to meet the diverse needs of customers.
But if so simply, this was not a prominent place so attractive to many people. Once Coffee impressed with the customer not only by drinks and space but also the true feelings, naturally bring bartender.
Once Coffee shop owners of three popular online writer with true line of text, full of feelings about life, love, family ... They are the most successful people in work and find to books, writing as a hobby.
This has motivated the idea of ​​forming a small cafe where guests find relaxation, reading habits and openness to share with everyone. As the name "Once Coffee" comes from the fact that they are not specialized in the business, first opened shop stand out.
Once (ie once), to say that "every customer to be unique, and we cherish that time. Moreover, we also specify cafe open this time, things just like to only once in a lifetime "- Dang Quan, one of the bartender explained.
Personal page on Facebook consistent rarely appear advertisements that are mostly quoted lines from a favorite book or short story about visitors attach any pictures recorded unexpected moments.
Once Coffee Evening at somewhat busy but still enough space for those who love the silence. English conversation tingle of a few foreign visitors to flip through sound mixed with regular and full of cheery smile in the courtyard. But  the shop owners are alternately present, dedicated customer service visit.


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