$ 9.1 billion for 100 aircraft in the airline "take off" from?

The first aircraft owned by Vietjet bearing the symbol of a large bank ...

According to a statement broadcast, Vietcombank is mentioned in this event as
 "the leading bank in Vietnam in the field of lease financing and aircraft".

On 26/11, in Toulouse (France), airlines and manufacturers Vietjet Air Airbus performed the ceremony of the first aircraft owned by Vietjet Air and hire purchase contracts signed 100 a month 2/2014.

After Vietjet Air and Airbus completed the handover procedure, the first A320 aircraft carrier will fly to Vietnam, scheduled landing at Tan Son Nhat airport on the morning of 27/11. "Sometimes mutually beneficial " In this, there is a remarkable circumstance. This is the first aircraft in the airline Air iconic Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank). According to a statement broadcast, Vietcombank is mentioned in this event as "the leading bank in Vietnam in the field of finance aircraft leasing and support. " In addition to Vietcombank, attended the handover ceremony were representatives of a number of domestic and foreign banks. It also represents the focal sponsor, arrange funds for Vietjet Air perform on the contract package. Before that, earlier this year, at airshow (Airshow) in Singapore, Vietjet Air and Airbus signed contract orders to deploy more than 100 aircraft in service plans to expand operations in the future. This is a contract of sale aisle aircraft family a new and most modern Airbus A320neo consists of 42 units, 14 A320ceo and 7 A321ceo, plus the right to buy 30 aircraft and lease seven Airbus other. The value contract for 63 aircraft is $ 6.4 billion and the total value of the contract for 100 aircraft is 9.1 billion. The first aircraft of this contract will be delivered within 2014. To arrange financial resources to perform the contract on Mr. Luu Duc Khanh, CEO Vietjet Air, said it was "arrested cooperate with banks and leading financial institutions in the region and the world. " "These are opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation," he said Khanh. It should be added, BNP Paribas is partner counseling and financial arrangements for Vietjet Air aircraft. He also mentioned Khanh direction is expected to issue shares initial public offering (IPO), expected for the period 2015-2016. "Every business has different directions and get the attention of several investors.Vietnam Airlines has equitization is a good sign for a healthy aviation market, "Mr Khanh said about the upcoming direction, but the equitization is also a channel to attract capital on the market, besides the source financing by commercial banks. Why choose the A320? As introduced at the ceremony 26/11, the first A320 aircraft in the airline Air bearing number VJC6341, produced by the process of modern assembly Airbus. This is a narrow body aircraft aisle of the most popular in the world, due to its fuel efficiency through the application of advanced technology. Moreover, the design of the A320 cabin suitable for domestic flights and international air. It is also one of the reasons for selecting lines Vietjet Air aircraft. Before performing the ceremony on, Vietjet Air and Airbus technical handover to sign an agreement dated 24.11.2014 and handed over to the dated 11.25.2014. This is the compulsory stage of program testing and certification (test and certification Programme) in the manufacturing process of Airbus aircraft before the plane was officially shipped and delivered to Vietjet Air. The first aircraft owned by Air Vietjet will officially raise the number of aircraft that the company is exploiting to the 20 units. In the next year, Vietjet Air will turn receive 6-12 aircraft, according to the said contract.


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