"So glove" economic Korea - South Korea

The Guardian newspaper launched a series of comparative figures highlight the contrast between North Korea and South Korea economic and social ...

GDP per capita of Korea just over 5% in comparison with South Korea, during the Korean Korean people live longer than average more than 10 years.

After the 2nd World War, the Korean peninsula was divided separated into two parts. Since then, North Korea and South Korea to follow the path of development of two completely different. While South Korea rose to become an economic powerhouse, one of the members of the Group of 20 leading economies the world's largest G-20, the North Korean economy development towards self-sufficiency. The Korean companies like Samsung, Hyundai, and LG has become known throughout the world, while food shortages remain a problem in Korea. British newspaper The Guardian has launched a series of data compare to highlight the contrast between North Korea and South Korea, both economic and social: - Korean GDP calculated at purchasing power parity is 1,622 billion, compared with $ 40 billion of Korea. - The growth rate of real GDP was 2.7% of South Korea, compared with 0.8% of Korea. - GDP per capita is $ 32,400 Korean / person / year, 18 times larger than at $ 1,800 / person / year of Korea. - Exports of South Korea is 552.6 billion. This figure of Korea's 4.71 billion. - Import turnover of 514.2 billion Korean, compared with $ 4 billion of Korea. - Korean population in 2013 was estimated at 48 96 million people.Korea's population of 24.72 million. - The average mortality rate in infants in South Korea is 4.08 / 1,000. For Korea, the rate is 26.21 / 1000. - The average life expectancy is 79.3 years old in Korea. The Korean life expectancy 69.2 years. - 81.5% of Korean Internet access, compared with ratios less than 0.1% of Koreans are on the internet. - South Korea has 655,000 troops are serving military service. Meanwhile, the Korean army soldiers have to 1.19 million. Of course, the data is not all. In fact, many North Koreans crossed the border into two zones lived in Korea for some time has returned, perhaps because they feel life in Korea is not great as they thought. However, the Compare the economic and social between South Korea and North Korea shows that economic policies can make a difference how after 50 years. According to analysts, the economic differences that the unification of the two Koreas becoming more difficult. When German reunification, GDP per capita by 40% of East Germany than in West Germany. Currently, the per capita GDP of Korea is about more than 5% compared to Korea.


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