Chelsea and Mourinho knows how "cruel"

From Wenger, Benitez and now Di Matteo, Mourinho and pragmatic philosophy of football overcame them to the "dark face" of the reunion-style implacable. Simple, Chelsea must win, or even sought to destroy the most ruthless enemy can bring feelings gloating for "The Special One".

The machine wins
Efficacy always Mourinho seriously since led Porto, Inter, Real and now Chelsea. He has to leave the hosts Stamford Bridge in 2007 due to disagreements can not be reconciled with the president Abramovich, who wants to turn the rich teams compete with the glamor style.

Reunion Chelsea, still the same person and his style, 2nd season Mourinho guided the Blues are turning into a winning machine, "an F1 car" as the Daily Mail each simile not long ago .

Chelsea constantly assert power over all competitions

Premier League passed 12 rounds saw Chelsea's unbeaten (10 wins, 2 air). Confronted by the most formidable teams from Manchester City, Manchester United Arsenal, Mourinho's men still standing like soldiers, "his co-iron skin".
Same is playing Champions League, where Chelsea recently buffeted Schalke to 5 desk is not removed, while holding the ticket cavalier in knockout (2.8 goals scored / match after 5 round match). Abramovich was a surrender, Chelsea 's Mourinho playing style of his capital, opened the win and hopefully bring back the trophy at the end of the season.
Ruthless possible
Wenger, Benitez and Di Matteo especially as Mourinho's name was listed as the "object" is hate.And on each occasion battlefield 3 Mourinho reunion this face, comb are only told part of Portuguese students ruthless competition, burying their team the most painful way possible.
On 22/03/2014 witnessed one of the worst defeat in the history of Arsenal. Travel to Stamford Bridge in the hope of creating unforeseen obstacles on the road to the championship hands of Chelsea, but Wenger and the game had failed to receive more bitter.

Ruthless with old rival Mourinho is always a top priority

Results 0-6 defeat that Wenger felt extremely embarrassed in the press room after the match.Looking back at the match, Chelsea have four consecutive goals in the first 45 minutes but there was no sign of stopping in half 2. Win a tennis check that in the words Mourinho, Chelsea have not really true power play.
Rafa Benitez even more extreme. Strategist Spanish Mourinho defamed the military rulers of the Portuguese led Chelsea's first term. Results after replacing Di Matteo at Stamford Bridge dome 2012/13 season, Benitez received much criticism from fans demanding the Blues he left London immediately.
Not to mention the period 2012-13, conflict between Benitez and Mourinho broke out non-stop when Benitez led Liverpool from 2004 to 2010. 10/2005, the following screen fierce battle over the media, 90 minutes at Anfield that day ended with a 1-4 defeat of Liverpool salt face rival.
Schalke encounter in trying day's last reunion, Mourinho's Chelsea throughout the match did not "reverence" Di Matteo's men. Ultimately, the representative of Germany lost "face down" with the score 0-5, Di Matteo results according to admit, he had just gone through the worst 90 minutes from now coaches to date (each defeat Chelsea 0- 6 2010 when lead West Brom).


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