Premier League: Chelsea can Championships earlier, a record score

Statistics have shown that, if the average number of points / game was retained until the end of the season, the team is leading the Premier League champions Chelsea may soon in early April the following year, while Arsenal could only stand between Liverpool charts are even going to compete for relegation.

The most disappointing in the Premiership now perhaps the reigning runner Liverpool. Currently, after 12 rounds, "Red Brigade" only 14 points, goal difference of -3 defeat (15-18) and is ranked 12th.
On average, they only gained 1.12 points / match in the Premier League and if this achievement "is" teacher-student Brendan Rodgers maintained for 26 rounds remaining, they will have approximately 44 points - the score just enough to "The Kop" compete with the weak teams in the bottom group.
This score their own poor performance at the end of last season to 40 points.

The chair of Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool was shaken violently because of
 poor performance of "The Kop" of the season

In theory, a club will be able to relegation if earned 40 points after 38 rounds in a 20-team tournament.
However, the unpredictable of Premier League side's achievement instability Anfield team in the first half of this season, will not be surprised if the team won 44 points in the case of Liverpool suppose will fall danger as the season goes into the last round.
If you want to reach the top 4 to attend the Champions League next year, they will have gained an average of 2.5 points / game was in all the remaining rounds in the league, achievements that they did not can do well when Luis Suarez owns a sublimation last season.
Meanwhile, Arsenal will be at risk for the first time the season ends in mid-table position since 1995 if they continued instability in circuit performance at the moment. After 12 rounds, "Gunners" only ranked eighth with 17 points, goal difference +5 defeat (20-15).
On average, they earn 1.41 points / match. If this level is maintained until the end of the season, Arsene Wenger teachers and students can only won 53.5 points - the score close to the achievement of the two teams ranked No. 8 and No. 9 in last season's Southampton (56 ) and Stoke City (50).
If you want to maintain a position you "Champions League" at least "The Gunners" will have to earn 2.3 points / match.

Arsenal was soon winded in the championship race in Premier League this season

Statistics also show that the team is leading and unbeaten after 12 rounds in the league asChelsea will likely soon championship during Easter next year (05/04/2015).
Up to the present time of the 2014-2015 Premier League season, "The Blues" to win 10 matches, drawn 2, offset +19 (30-11) and had 32 points. Their average score is very high: 2.6 points / match.
If the score is maintained until the end of the season, they will have more than 98.8 points - surpassing the record season Mourinho and Chelsea were set 2004-2005 season (95 points).
Even if the champions Man City have won some points as they won last year crowned champions for the 2nd of 3 years (86 points), "The Blues" champion will soon Easter students (5/4 / 2-15).

Striker Diego Costa and coach Jose Mourinho is the second important factor contributing
 to the achievement of Chelsea impressed from the start of the season

As an ambitious coach Jose Mourinho was thought to target higher than that. It is the destination of 100 points, which he had achieved at Real Madrid.
"At Real Madrid, I have the same winning team in the league with 100 points and was crowned champion. This could be the first 2. I think we are very good start screen towards that goal, "coach Jose Mourinho said.
The objective of Mourinho is probably impossible by competitive Premier League is much bigger than La Liga. There, the small team can also cause difficulty giants.
Speaking to a record 100 points, but Jose Mourinho is not too great pressure on the game atChelsea . What he is most interested in the title at the end of the season.
"You have to play the first team is still empty-handed or not? I do not think you remember any of them. You only remember the winners. We played well, winning good results but at the end of the season, if not win the title, it does not mean anything, "said the Portuguese tactician added.


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