China is afraid what?

- According to economic experts Bui Kien Thanh, worry that China is the world's opinion, China fears the internationalization of the South China Sea issue.

Order issue "key" for the internal economic forces in Vietnam, as well as a history lesson in the problems China economist Bui Kien Thanh both posts with multiple multi-dimensional perspective and objectivity in the eyes of a Economic experts. Electronic Education Report Vietnam would like to introduce readers to this article.
Vietnam is now "key"
The Chinese put 981 rigs infringement continental shelf waters Vietnam tension on the South China Sea, threatening regional peace and security is just the latest brazen actions over time. Earlier China repeatedly perform acts of provocation, aggression Sea Guard ships, fishing vessels, as well as control of the trawler fishermen Vietnam. With this event, the Chinese are looking to test the response of Vietnam and the world public opinion and the intimidation of a malevolent neighbors.
Developing internal resources Vietnam's economy in the country between now important role
Shortly after brazen act of China, Vietnam not only opinion that world opinion and protested. Unfortunately, in some areas, due to lack of understanding people and bad people incite economic losses for Chinese enterprises. Then have no fear little tense situation will affect the economic relations of the two countries, who suffer will be Vietnam.
In fact even if no negative effects after this incident, Vietnam's economy is also difficult. Hundreds of bankrupt enterprises, businesses in all industries are facing difficulties leading to declining economic growth.2013 passed we saw "health" ailing domestic businesses are, while FDI only a few thousand, but accounted for 68% of export turnover of the country, while tens of thousands of businesses in countries make up less than 32%. So China should not make it difficult economy we have enough problems already.
Can we see the economy is on a greater dependence on foreign economy, including the Chinese economy. At this point we should urgently look at operating policies macroeconomics, monetary policy, fiscal ... to help domestic enterprises to overcome difficulties, there is work to be done quickly drastically. Firmly create conditions for businesses to grow, remember the Prime Minister has given this message from earlier this year and repeated many times, but so far no specific policy and practical.
We talk to internal resources Vietnam's economy is now in the country said. Now dead, the economy can not be strong, weak economy, a strong country can not rely on weak economic foundation. To help businesses need to reduce interest rates, interest rates are now reduced but still high, now it is difficult to access by multiple barriers.
In fact banks to reduce interest rates, but caught the problem of bad debts, bad debts as required to meet business loans are not always meet
Economic expert Bui Kien Thanh in an interview with reporters (photo H.Luc)
Recently there are also fiscal policy as 30,000 packages billion, 50,000 billion ... given to "save" the real estate market. In my opinion this is not the economic policy measures that are just ahead, in the long run to have a consistent policy for more distant perspective. At this point, we must take the initiative to take action short, medium and long term strategy to reduce the apparent dependence on the Chinese economy, the initiative of the situation before you greedy neighbors. To do have solved a position to revive domestic enterprises, domestic enterprises are key issues.
Not easy to solve "dependency"
Many people believe that the moment is an opportunity for Vietnam to find new markets, find new partnerships. This statement is very true, however, immediately whether we do or not is a question not easily answered.
In fact we are dependent on the Chinese economy, the dependence due to objective reasons and subjective. By objective economic conditions of Vietnam, local economic forces are weak but subjectively by operating policies. Specifically, Vietnam is now operating on a large source of raw materials imported from China which is the largest garment, the simplest is the daisy, the needle should enter.
Next to the daily consumer goods such as clothing, footwear, food, fruit ... are imported from China, we import from the market to nearly $ 40 billion last year, a very large number if you look reverse exports to China last year in Vietnam just over $ 10 billion.
Besides, in the calculation of production and business, now Vietnam under the path "save", "cheap ham" and lack of orientation of the selected state machinery with obsolete technology from China. When a problem occurs damage and repair to fix to purchase replacement equipment from China (by technological world that is no longer used), so we depend on China.
On the issue of energy we depend on electricity bought from China, domestic electricity production is not enough, the fact that many local power plants in Vietnam have the power to sell, but the price is higher than the price of electricity purchased from China Korea, so do not compete. In addition, Vietnam is currently leases many Chinese contractors carry out important projects.
Having said that to look at the facts and make specific solutions to solve. First  with consumer goods, if the products are not produced in the country for imports and prevent contraband, encourage people to consume Vietnamese restaurant with subsidy policies to support businesses, help businesses access new technologies.
Monday  quit thinking "cheap ham" investment in technology, investment in the bid.  Tuesday  improve the quality of goods exported to find new markets for agricultural products in Vietnam, raising standardized goods imported into Vietnam.
History Lesson
Looking back at the history of Vietnam, from time immemorial, water up to his father always find remedies Chinese regime.
Hundred times in the history of Chinese dynasties to find an excuse to cause the conduct of war and invasion to conquer Vietnam, but all failed.But after each victory, the feudal kings Vietnam are actively sent envoys to make peace. Such behavior is not our forefathers Chinese fear that most people desire Vietnam era peace will want to make a living, to build the country.
From the lessons of history, in an open world today, Vietnam in turn participate in world economic institutions, economic exchange is inevitable. So we should set out to reduce economic dependence China should not negatively towards severing economic ties with China, such action calls for a boycott of Chinese goods last.
Not only in Vietnam but also in many countries around the world, including major economic powers such as the US, Europe and China are dependent. Decades America could request lift China RMB exchange rate, but China remains the price of Chinese goods led to the US market at a competitive price that American businesses hardships. To maintain production must seek to invest in China. Similar businesses in Europe are in a similar situation.
Having said that the world is not afraid of China, by a set of economic situations of China and Vietnam, although China's economic growth over Vietnam but if closed border economic siege difficult for Vietnam the day itself is water damage when China lost major markets. Further, if the major powers such as the US, Europe put businesses on water issues will lead to employment, social security issues in China.
What worries China's world opinion, China fears the internationalization of the South China Sea issue. So far China has proposed the parties negotiating the South China Sea issue in the form of bilateral and multilateral unacceptable. China bilateral negotiations that took great country to impose, invaded the territory of the small country. So now the support of public opinion, voiced the opinion that the strength of Vietnam.
 Reviews expert Bui Kien Thanh 


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