My secret weapon is economic sanctions on Russia

According to the UK's Telegraph, the current Russian ruble was devalued and the main reason leading to this situation is rapidly falling oil prices and the US are behind this decline.

Former US President Ronald Reagan

In 1985 the United States and Saudi Arabia have been to a detailed scenario for oil prices fell sharply, contributing to the crisis in the Soviet Union escalated and led to the collapse.
According to experts, the Obama administration now seems to apply this method to punish Russia by the crisis in Ukraine.
Recently, the son of former US President Ronald Reagan Michael Reagan wrote on Townhall.com that the US government today can learn from his father, who was indirectly responsible for the Soviet Union. Michael Reagan said, "I believethat President Obama will want to learn how Ronald Reagan defeated the Soviet Union. How do we know what he did without the use of arms. "
In the 80s of last century, the US government forced Saudi Arabia to increase production and market flooded the world with cheap oil and "oil prices led to devalue the ruble and is also one of the reasons forced the Soviet Union to bankruptcy ".
Since the beginning of this year, oil prices fell from $ 110 USD / barrel to over 82 USD / barrel. Oil prices fell to affect negatively on the Russian economy, ruble was devalued by 46% YTD. Russian main sources of foreign exchange earnings from the sale of oil and gas. Although the Russian central bank and the government of President Putin has taken many measures to limit the decline in value is not reached Rub but little effect.
President Putin has asserted Russia enough force to overcome the economic sanctions from the West. But the obvious fact that the Russian economy is pretty bad influence from the punitive measures initiated by the Americans.


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