MOBA Vainglory blockbuster move widely open

Recently, mobile games MOBA Vainglory be desirable developers Super Evil megacorp opening move widely across the globe.

While players in Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, have been experiencing limited edition MOBA Vainglory , the players in other areas are still in the stage must not wait, wait. The good news is this waiting for a division players in Europe, North America will not be long.Recently, manufacturers Super Evil megacorp announced the official release date of Vainglory.
Developed by Super Evil megacorp , Vainglory is a strategy game free online multiplayer games. MOBA game was first revealed in September at the event to promote the iPhone 6 graphics API in iOS 8 Metal Apple.

Instead of launching Vainglory worldwide for all the Super Evil megacorp 're going to step back slowly but very effective hit on the curiosity of the gaming community. According to their schedule, Vainglory expected to be released in Europe on Thursday after 11/13/2014. And then a few days will continue to dump the app store App Store in North America, South America, Middle East and Africa at the weekend 11.18.2014.

And at the market this game, Vainglory will split into 2 separate versions for iPad and Iphone dedicated to support older devices using OpenGL such as the iPad 2.

If you are a gamer parts are in China, Japan and South Korea are still waiting patiently to the developers of Super Evil megacorp are in the research phase "heaven, earth and good, harmonious" in these places, and could not make the final unification of the launch here.
According to the information we know, it has been widely published, Vainglory will require to run on tablet devices from Ipad 2 or higher, or use iPhone 5s A7 chip as well as iPhone and iPhone 6 6 Plus use A8 chip to operate smoothly. Especially mobile devices and tablet players must own operating system iOS 8.
All information on the latest blockbuster hit MOBA we will be continually updated to you in the shortest time. Let's wait and see offline!


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