Overview of the new Apple iPad launch

Apple announced the new iPad at the event in San Francisco with the improvements in hardware (no name, just call the new iPad), while maintaining a starting price of 499 USD for version 16 GB Wi-Fi and 629 US for 4G 16 GB.

The new iPad is changing the faster processor, upgraded 4G connectivity, improved camera. That's what all tablet manufacturers are now concerned.Monitor new iPad offers resolutions up to 2048 x 1536 pixels, overcome any tablet and laptop today.
This machine is designed with glass, aluminum shell size is 241.3 x 185.7 x is 9.4 mm and weighs 680 grams. You'll still get the Home button at the bottom of the screen, adjust the volume button on the right side along the pretty button switch / filming. The machine uses 30-pin port, 5 megapixel camera equipped with 1080p video recording capabilities and flash on the back, while the front camera is still between the original.
Do not just pass the request on a QXGA screen quality, the new iPad broke all expectations of the screen for a tablet, laptop or even desktop, if not at high screen high cost.
Retina Display is not a new technology has been introduced by the previous version of the iPhone 4 resolution of 960 x 640 pixels on a 3.5 inch wide screen.And with iPad, users will receive a screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels in size 9.7 inches wide. It really is a choice could not be better for the current entertainment needs, need a product support 1080p high definition movie.

Not only that, the new version can connect with different content, including updates Facebook, Maps application, ... Users can play games, watch movies, browse photos and read magazines right on your device.
Strengthening innovation
Some new improvements include the new iPad A5X processor upgrade from the A5 in the iPad 2. While the CPU is still dual core processor, the graphics have been enhanced to 4 cores. This is necessary to increase the quality of the pixel to 4 times on the screen of the new iPad than its predecessor.
Obviously, the idea for Siri on the iPad is not a perfect fit like on the iPhone, and Apple has understood this should not fitted new features to your device. While Siri is not provided in the new iPad, but the ability to check the spelling voice is equipped with the new tablet.
Not only that, it does not focus on field camera in the iPad is still considered appropriate, because we have not really expect a tablet to be used for the purpose of photographing and filming. Maybe 5 megapixel rear camera is so appropriate for the needs of users and uses, especially for display on the screen Retina Display will be a lot better.
Bluetooth 4.0 is a feature that appeared in the iPhone 4S, and the new version has been updated to feature allows greatly improved the efficiency of the battery.
Finally, the price for the new iPad is also considered appropriate to user needs, but basically unchanged compared to the previous iPad. Private support 4G LTE version, users will spend US $ 629/729/829 respectively 16/32/64 GB versions.The product will be available on the market in the next 16/3.

What's missing? 
First may be disappointed about the processor that Apple's new iPad equip themselves to meet the requirements of the camera, while improving battery life is not really that high: keep the normal 10 hours and 9 hours when running on a 4G network.
Apple has yet to deliver its products expandable memory card slot microSD, port dedicated to the transmission output vide or connect charger really does not change.
Apparently, Apple was "doomed" if only given to the best improvement is gorgeous display on its new products only.
The competition against rival Apple's Kindle Fire is still unresolved, but perhaps Apple will release an iPad Mini later this year. However, its current iPod Touch with $ 199, so apply a tablet at this price can be self harming the darling of Apple products is available on the market.


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