Mother teaches daughter love

Remember, no matter where, in terms of how children are not justified by living a reckless indulgence. Loving people is good but care little love to know myself again.
The dear mother! mother call you sweet chocolate milk and cotton candy scented dust because you are her cleverness with words as flabby heart anyone exposure. The children also love chocolate like her mother, who apparently likes to eat that are very emotional and romantic, and they are white chubby child with a warm smile Híp eyes. The children well, they say, "Education son only a human education, but education is to educate her daughter a future generation", so even small "burden" was on top of the shoulder and because I was a girl so as to real life standards and ethics.Remember, no matter where in the human condition nor how justified, but living a reckless indulgence. "Sowing action reap a habit, reap a habit sow character, reap a destiny sowing properties", character and temperament of the precious new daughter and how important. Be the educated and know your life is so full. Loving people is good but care little love to know myself again. If you do not know how to love yourself, who are brave enough to love you here? To come to this world you have to go through so many hardships and dangers, the shape formed by the day, minds heart with all expected from the love of parents. You have to cherish every moment living in this world, everything happens for a reason you have, do not fear difficult or painful. It is what it will teach you many things and happy to have been fully know how much. When someone abandoned or hurt me, then I should thank them, because they realized that the children around you there many people love. Mistakes will teach you to people but absolutely should not step on all the footsteps footsteps to another. From experience is that you also need to learn to not sink in mistakes and regrets. You remember then, mistakes will be costly. Life is not like the play page, indefensible error and erasure is where books have pages that despite how clean erasing the original right dear? "The words did not take the money to buy, look for the words to say please each other "or" higher trays greeting ", I understand the power of words to use. No matter what happens do not panic but to politely speak politely, to know how to speak to behave, it helps me a lot. Of course she did not tell you to court and say false unctuous, read lots of books and searching to discover how to talk, explain the analysis and negotiations, as well as to distinguish the words of flowers Fine, find their own true friend.

No matter what happens you always smile and try to solve, do not blame and fatalistic. The human fist to show themselves can grasp the road pointing and create their own destiny. Keep smiling because I was laughing at the most radiant and beautiful. Although there is darkness falls, the trust is also bright sun, then dazzling sun shines everywhere, spoiled sunbathing.Although thunderstorms or rain then again in the morning sun, the rainbow will appear. Never lose trust me, please. Because we are part female children to be "heart usually placed on top", easy to weakness and deception. You must always consider wide-eyed and very provincial. Women who have to go through the pain, hen and chicks born mother born children forever, that's sacred vocation of every woman, as the minutes go through this mortal sense. Therefore, let's create a peaceful home before you want to go through this feeling. It will be a place to hide for transporting children and grandchildren. Love is great is not it son? Love other couples love with spouses, children make up the novel aside "There are two golden hearts in the thatched hut where children". The children go to guide future career before marriage. Pictures parents have a stable job and poised demeanor, bravery and education of their children very much. Sex is normal, there is nothing shameful, if things look different perspective then life will How pleasant to know. When to adulthood, the call will wake hormone, with the flow and boys will appeal, attract each other. So when people ask you require, you to drill judge that he is not to do things, which is the normal and natural ability alone. But from birth, male and female are different programming. If you are not ready, they may refuse and a little mystery with the ability to control his own ego will make people love the look you in the eyes of respect, affection. He will be eager to conquer the children there.Me offline! Do what you love and think is right, never sacrificing too much and do it because other people like. I will not be happy, will wither and sadness overshadowed. So how do people love me forever? Promise it? "A thousand times no confidence once distrust" Do not wait for my guy "so much promise and promise plenty of" freshly knew and suffering. Take a look at what he's done and achieved. Know about the life and family circumstances friends before deciding he believed the "promise" or not.Words can ease off and vanish away infinity. A guy does not like to use protective measures and only requires the proper receipt or quitting early should also think about. A person who truly loves you will respect your decision, always protect me, I would feel solid and reliable while beside him.The important thing you must know to protect themselves first, as is often the lessons mother taught me as a child, I remember? Of course not necessarily not use protection measures are not in love with you, when nobody much simpler him up, then with her ​​daughter instinct "mother", I have to teach him and know. She was very much something to say to their children, but think of how life mother will affect the lot should just write what is crucial is the need, she will try to live well to learn from the little things from the mother. It is important in the longer, look and learn from parents and everywhere. Bring the love and hope to the children go all the way through, chocolate and cotton candy sweet mother. I love you very much.


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