Phu Quoc head of the top 10 tourist destinations in Asia ideal sea

Phu Quoc Island with blue waves, white sand, sunshine leading top 10 beach destinations perfect for the holidays. Mui Ne is also ranked fourth in the list.
Top 10 beach destinations ideal translated year-end holiday travel specialist site AsiaOne rated as below.
1. Phu Quoc - Vietnam
Home AsiaOne introduced Phu Quoc is Vietnam's largest island, adjacent to the southern coast of Cambodia. This is to attract a lot of tourists.Especially international visitors to increase after this many direct flights from Singapore to Phu Quoc.

Phu Quoc beach with pristine blue waves, white sand, sunshine.

If the scenic coast of Phu Quoc not enough to arouse curiosity, visitors can dive into the clear waters to explore the colorful world of coral and tropical fish. To enjoy the sun, nothing better than a jaunt to explore the diversity of ecosystems in national parks and daydreaming under the white waterfall along the way.
Maybe many people are strange when listening to Phu Quoc. However, the uncle of three vortices rare dog always captivates people love animals and the most sophisticated hand dog. Once you arrive here, they do not seem to want to.
If tourists want to visit the historical sites, remember to look at the work of coconut trees, which preserved many artifacts of war ever considered living hell.
This was followed by the main power in the estuary Cau Duong Dong, worshiping the Jade Princess Princess, two You (and You You You Tai), the god who protects fishermen at sea. Lighthouse next to the palace is also a prime location for watching the sunset over the sea at sunset visitors.

Enjoy the sunset in Phu Quoc.

When night falls, Dinh Cau night market is the perfect destination for more than 100 arts and crafts booths and local culinary specialties. 
Koh Rong 2 (Cambodia)

Advantages of Koh Rong is the specialty cheaper price.

Here untapped travel quite extensively so pristine, the advantage of the price of specialty pretty cheap, affordable by the majority of tourists. The attraction of Koh Rong from water games such as boating, sightseeing from above.
Surrounding the island is the quaint fishing village with brilliant turquoise sea attract visitors eyes. At night, every galaxy luminescent plankton in the water creating marvelous spectacle.
3. Krabi (Thailand)

Go to Krabi - visitors have the opportunity to try many adventure sports.

Surrounded by 154 islands, where sea crystal clear, green mangrove areas, hot springs and spectacular white limestone cliffs. Guests can start the trip by boat to explore the majestic canyons, caves and picturesque sandy beaches.
The adventure sports like rock climbing, white-water rafting, rock always give you the ultimate excitement.
4. Mui Ne
Coastal resort town of Mui Ne is located in the east side of South Vietnam, is known as a land of sunshine and the most hospitable S. shaped land

Mui Ne - a land of sunshine and hospitality in Vietnam.

A trip perfect Mui Ne indispensable kicks sand sliding pleasure. Romantic beach is not the only place where you can have fun on the soft sand.
Try excitement alternating bit scared when sliding in the White Sand Dunes and the famous Red Sand Dunes. Furthermore, photographic memories of quiet scene with sweltering heat through each alternating legs feel like you easily explore the Sahara.

Behind the sand dunes sunburn is Suoi Tien flaming red as the color of sand, with thousands of stalactites heaving sand pointing to the sky.Strong winds favorable for surfing and windsurfing are popular service in Mui Ne.
That way than an hour's drive Takou Nature Reserve, where you can walk, climb mountains to see the temple on the mountain with protruding Buddha statue located in Vietnam.
Group Poshanu Cham towers, the remnants of the mighty kingdom of Champa, dating from the 8th century, is one of the oldest buildings in Vietnam. Standing here, visitors can panoramic views of the entire Mui Ne.
5. Langkawi (Malaysia)

Langkawi - house hundreds of species of wildlife.

The tiny island hidden in northwestern Malaysia with beautiful beaches, notably Tengkorak and Tanjung. Langkawi mangrove forests, caves, lakes and hundreds of species of wildlife are awaiting discovery.
6. Boracay (Philippines)

Bocacay is the place for you unleash parasailing, windsurfing.

Away from the prosperous city of Manila, Boracay is where you can unleash parasailing, windsurfing, surfing ... Especially, if visiting this place in the third week of January, tourists can participate Kalibo Ati-Atihan Festival, a famous cultural heritage of the Philippines.
7. Palawan (Philippines)

Palawan island is the most attractive Philippines

Palawan province west of the Philippines is home to 1,780 small islands.The main island of Palawan attracts tourists with varied landscapes and fascinating culture.
8. Si Phan Don, Laos

Si Phan Don is easy to have an opportunity where dolphin watching rare.

Si Phan Don is on the Mekong river islands of southern Laos. This is a wild place of rest and peace. If lucky, visitors also have the opportunity to see rare Irrawaddy dolphins here.
9. Maldives

Maldives is one of the most fascinating island world in the holiday.

Many tourists flock to the Maldives to discover the treasure in the heart of the Indian Ocean. This place is famous for its vibrant coral reefs, fish and sea turtles, sharks sometimes. A few other attractions in Maldives is known collection of mosques built from coral.
10. Ngapali (Myanmar)

The beach is just 3 km long, but still enough to attract visitors.

Long Beach is only a mere 3 km attracts tourists with images of exposed fish fishing villages, coconut handicraft and woven bamboo mats. The trip to Mount Amata will lead you to the meditation center, standing Buddhas towering temples.
The Pearl and Pirates Island waters teeming with colorful fish is an ideal place for tourists who like diving. Seafood is plentiful with a variety of fresh fish tent will satisfy your culinary passion.


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