Trade shock: Chelsea "meetings" with Messi

Being brought up many sources of blockbuster deal between Chelsea and Messi.

Future of Messi once again become the subject of attention yesterday when topical sources about the possibility of transfer to Chelsea deal. The Daily Express confirms the Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United also appeared with the intention to ask the star Argentina but was denied.
Messi's goal of Chelsea for a transfer next summer or in the near future. Conversely, the team at Stamford Bridge also willing to spend bold to pursue business shocking. Messi is a provision that had a contract with Barca up to £ 200 million, but this figure does not make "The Blues" backed down ". Chairman Abramovich also more willing to sign big checks anymore.
Remember salary Messi among the highest in the world, added taxes and other charges to "lubricate", Chelsea intends to swing a few hundred million pounds.

Chelsea thanks to convince Fabregas Messi

On the side of Messi, from Argentina Direct TV channel revealed Leo has to take steps to prepare for a new life in London. Journalist Fabian Godoy program Futbol Total said from sources close around Messi he can confirm this player is heading towards Stamford Bridge.
Godoy said Messi has now started learning English at a private tutor and learn the location for Thiago son can learn in the future in London. Also, the reason Chelsea Messi was selected by friends Fabregas has an important voice to convince him, instead of to the other team. Messi and Fabregas quite intimate life. Not only that "half" of them, Antonella Rocuzzo and Daniela Semaan very well "choir".
Chelsea have recourse Semaan Fabregas and pour the sweet words in my ear while Messi has always received support from sponsors Adidas in this case. Stars Argentina currently has a contract with Adidas while wearing the Nike Barca again. In the battle between two giants, Adidas is keen to lure Chelsea Messi on, so do not hesitate to help the team in any way to London.


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