The prospect underwater city of Japan

City plans to build undersea ecosystem of a Japanese company has a capacity of 5,000 people are expected to be completed before 2030.

Shimizu Corp - one of the largest construction firm in Japan have achieved a major step forward with this idea: they have launched a project with the goal of building an undersea city, able to accommodate up to 5000 people and draw energy from the ocean floor. Shimizu said that this project needs at least 5 years to complete, however, the technology needed to create underwater city should need about 15 more years can be readily brought into use.

Future Ocean City Spiral enough living space for about 5,000 people. The complex consists 

of hotel systems, residential, commercial centers will be designed in a spherical structure with a diameter of 500 m

Spiral Ocean City will produce energy from marine resources. The designer said that the advantage of the temperature difference under the sea can generate electricity. This is the thermal energy of the ocean. In addition, The Ocean Spiral is also where the production of desalinated water and fish farms.

Will form a spiral path 15 km long connection with 

a building built on the ocean floor

Researchers at the University of Tokyo, Institute of Science and Technology Marine - Earth Japan Fisheries Research Agency under the government will coordinate with Shimizu Corp. to build the design.

The project can be completed in 2030 and the full cost 

of building the city under the sea at about 25 billion

This work is divided into three parts: A sphere is located on the surface of the seabed, about 500 meters in diameter, containing residential, hotel and service areas. A spiral line has a length of about 15 km will connect the city with the plants on earth.

This model will be constructed from flexible synthetic material instead of getting produce cement, 3D printers will produce other components

Stay in the development process, Shimizu hope this idea will hit on the desire of mankind: a new place and a living area with a friendly environment, which helps them attract more capital investment from the government as well as from other giants.


Ocean Winter

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