4 adventure travel locations worldwide

You are what your favorite adventurous and exotic? Then place the following is suggested that you can not miss this summer.
In the world today appear much more tourism to attract new customers four. The tourism product is unique creative ideas of travel agencies around the world.

Invite your reference the suggestions below and prepare plans to conquer the challenges of the trip especially memorable offline!

Discover the African jungle

Departing on a rubber boat on Lake Victoria in Uganda, the White Nile downstream until Murchison Falls National Park. When evening came, they arrived on the shore, erected tents, campfires lit for dinner to eat while listening to the roar of the specialized predators nightlife.

In the tranquil atmosphere of the jungle, visitors will have the feeling of returning to the wild times of sacred stories and a strange feeling mixed in the night.

Travel prison

Guests looking to Nusakambangan island of Indonesia is not as golden sandy beaches on the shores of the Indian Ocean surf year round, but only to visit a prison population of new-style architecture, where the detention of especially dangerous criminals .

The prison was built halfway up the mountain with steep cliffs look straight into the sea. The Indonesian government has allowed tourists to visit the prison "medieval", but limited to delve into the custody of prisoners.

Human opportunities, tourism has quickly built a series of hotels (including 5 star hotels), restaurants, pubs, discotheques ... around "special tourist destination" and reap Silver quite easily from the pockets of tourists who prefer to find strange feeling.

This type of adventure sports tourism is only for those who love the thrill and the challenge. The river Plym is where waterfalls, rapids with torrent Devonshide in the UK. This is considered one of the best places for tourism unique.

Floating over waterfall

First, you'll be wearing an outfit like clothes diver, then slide freely on the river.Participants will be bumps in the middle of the river rocks, are leaping at the bend or be attracted to areas where rushing water ...

The journey lasts about 1 mile. The feeling after this challenge is the body soreness, but it has become quite interesting for tourists interested in exploring the novel and challenging.

Dive in  South  pole

Antarctica is the exclusive domain of whales, seals, sea lions ... Dive into the icy waters, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the underwater ice blue and white very nice ...

The unicorn deep sea-diving for food.

Walruses ashore after cattle "eat them" filled.
However, this tour is quite dangerous, requiring visitors to have good health, strength is extremely tough because this is the land of the coldest, driest and most windswept world .

Wish you have a chance to participate in the tour travel adventure like this was exploring the possibility of self offline!
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