Lee Nguyen will lose a lot if the V-League return

Although nothing is certain yet, but as soon as the information Hanoi T & T plans to buy Lee Nguyen, many people.

Never forget the V-League ...
Lee Nguyen is an extremely successful season in the US House occupations (MLS), called the US team, but players still can not forget the date when made VIP actually played in Vietnam.
In an interview with the Boston Globe newspaper (USA) recently, Lee Nguyen has revealed a lot of things that he never talked about life in Vietnam when he was playing in V-League. Lee Nguyen said he was living in "dollars flooding", is exposed to the upper portion in the land shaped S.
Lee Nguyen whether to return to the V-League?
"I went to Vietnam with a great deal when the first troops to HAGL, awash in piles of dollars. There I was treated like a star and have a lot of fans around me and realized everywhere. I used to play in Europe for the big clubs (PSV Eindhoven, FC Rander) but I have never experienced the same thing in Vietnam.
It's a completely different where I got to open your eyes amazing. I always welcome everywhere, are journalists or photographers shooting everywhere.I get a lot of invitations to parties, events and luxury events with multiple components of the elite, artists, "Lee Nguyen said.
Lee Nguyen has explained why he parted Vietnam: "If I continue to stay in Vietnam, is no problem at all. I still prosperous life, but I also know that if they continue to stay VN my career will end always there and no one will remember me. "
But not to return
Lee Nguyen had a very successful season in the US House occupations (MLS). After the Eastern Regional Champion, New England Revolutions to just pass the New York Red Bulls Thierry Henry to reach the finals played throughout the US occupation House (MLS).
The success of the New England Revolution have special imprint of Lee Nguyen, Vietnamese-born striker has scored 18 goals and five indirect way up the team. With his blazing performances, Lee Nguyen is considered the brightest candidates for the title of best player in 2014.
But the result was announced, Lee Nguyen only ranked No. 3 in the poll title noble individuals. Not to be honored but also among the top three great pride Lee Nguyen and personal with fans Vietnam.
With extremely impressive performances, Lee Nguyen is not only a goal sought by the US team, which also received special attention from the V-League. Chairman of Hanoi T & T Nguyen said Congress Hanoi T & T is planning to buy Lee Nguyen plays the V-League in 2015.
The Lee Nguyen has returned to Vietnam or nothing is certain and not himself also spoke on this issue. However, Lee Nguyen could lose everything if only thinking about the life of a famous person as a few years ago.
Lee Nguyen's salary in 2014 was $ 200,000 season, but with the excellent season in 2014, was re-signed in the income of the overseas Vietnamese players greatly increased. Thus, if Hanoi T & T wants Lee Nguyen will have to spend a large amount more than $ 200,000 to pay for players of Vietnamese origin. That's not to mention the money lined up with Lee Nguyen also will be "terrible".
More importantly, Lee Nguyen wants to shine in the V-League is extremely difficult. He himself had been allies in the HA Gia Lai, B.Binh Ocean jealousy, isolation. This was not the football environment Vietnam which is full of bad habits, will cause a player can stick indigo anytime.
Personally Lee Nguyen could lose its capacity to recruit Americans to play in a tournament unknown. Then the issue of injury, illness star ...
In general, if for coins, Lee Nguyen is possible to return to Vietnam. But he will lose a lot of things more important than money if his decision.


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