The most beautiful destinations in the winter

Come to the following destinations in the winter on whenever there is an opportunity to enjoy the unique beauty covered with white snow, peaceful atmosphere, and warm feelings between weather cold.

Here are 15 great winter destinations around the world:

Tadami River in Fukushima - Japan with the space around the vast white snow.

City of Bern - Switzerland with the snow-covered roof that brings a peaceful beauty.

The port of Bergen - Norway is not lost glory middle of winter.

Prague - the capital of the Czech Republic possesses beauty peaceful, quaint winter morning.

The village of Hallstatt Austria still sparkling, as in fairy highlights the vast space between the white snow.

Nubble Lighthouse in Maine with striking red hair blue sky and white snow covered the ground.

Winter will be better if you resort Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta, Canada.

Visit the forests remove dye a white wonderland in southern Sweden.

Temple of the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto try - Japan splendid snowy day.

Enjoy winter in the Alps - France with loads of fun activities fun.

These cute little house flooded in snow in northern British Columbia, Canada.

Beauty desolate, lonely Plivice famous lake in Croatia.

Lake Bled in Slovenia dreaming

The house is pretty small wooden steam in Colorado, USA.

Fairy scene with a lake as a large mirror reflecting the white space of the snow in winter in Norway.


Ocean Winter

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