9 tourist destinations in the world unbelievably beautiful

1. "Hell Gate", Turkmenistan

"Hell Gate" is the name of a natural gas field in Turkmenistan. While conducting gas in 1971, Soviet geologists were drilling into a pocket of methane. The ground beneath the drilling platform collapse, forming a large hole with a diameter of 70m. To avoid poisonous gas leak, we have decided it is best to burn it. Geologists hope that the fire will burn the entire amount of gas in a few days, but the fire has yet to end. People here call this hole is "Hell Gate".

 2. The Lord Jesus seabed, Italy

At first glance, the statue of Jesus at the bottom of the sea (Italian: Il Cristo degli Abissi) looks like the ruins of a forgotten city. In fact, about 2.5m tall bronze statue is the work of sculptor Guido Galletti, which is located at a depth of 17m below sea level in the area san Fruttuoso, northwestern Italy. Placement of objects close to where Dario Gonzatti, professional scuba diving first died in 1947. The statue of Jesus on Good posture arms raised to the sky as if begging for peace sheep.

3. Complex of Angkor, Cambodia

Built in the twelfth century to worship the Hindu goddess Vishnu (Hindu) temple complex is located in an area of 820.000m² in Siem Reap abandoned since the sixteenth century. Currently, it became famous Buddhist temple and a symbol of Cambodia. If you have never visited the neighboring country, invite you to travel through the screen of World Cultures through post Cambodia occasion Experience 30 - 4 and 1-5 . Hopefully the information in this article will give you more motivation to go to Angkor!

 4. Maunsell Sea Fort, UK

Maunsell forts located at the mouth of the Thames, United Kingdom. They were built during World War II, the purpose room. After the war, Maunsell forts were abandoned in the 1950s and was re-used as a radio station broadcasting in the 1960s.

5. The system of subway station in Stockholm, Sweden

In order to reduce the feeling bored of the capital when people spend most time to move underground, Stockholm metropolitan government was to turn 90 in a total of 100 metro stations in the city to the gallery presentation of contemporary art. With the participation of 150 artists, decorating the subway station is hoping the move will help the daily monotony becomes an interesting journey.

6. Well ladder Chand Baori, India

As one of the largest stair wells in India, Chand Baori is built from the nineteenth century, the narrow stairs 3,500 spread over 13 floors. At the bottom of the well, temperatures are cooler than upstairs between 5-6 degrees Celsius this ancient work has appeared in such films as The Fall and The Dark Knight Rises .

 7. Mountain sandstone waveforms, USA

This unique karst area located at the border of Arizona and Utah both. Strange wavy shape of it is due to wind erosion of rocks from the Jurassic sandstone, creating trough rocky terrain with rocks so incredibly impressive and unique.

8. "Ghost City" Kolmanskop, Namibia

"Ghost City" Kolmanskop in the Namib desert, south of Namibia. 1908, while working, a worker was found diamonds in this area and to report to his superiors, a German work here. Realizing the potential for diamond mining, the Germans began a massive white moving to this town and turn it into one of the largest diamond mine at the time. Abandoned since 1954, Kolmanskop is gradually encroaching sand, making it look like a "ghost town" in the heart of the desert.

9. Determine the SS Ayrfield, Australia

This ship was requisitioned to serve the US Army during World War II. When no longer used in 1972, it was moved to Homebush Bay, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Since then, the trees were "occupied" inner space ships to reproduce, turn it into a floating forest.


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