The unique tourist destination in the world

Dive into the sea to watch the underwater museum objects unique, boating see mosquitoes luminescence in the night sky like a star ... will give you a lot of inspiration.
Here are some suggestions of places tourists a unique planet.

Located high in the Himalayas headline, this is the new democracies of the world, where a 30-year-old king's reign. National Happiness Index was launched king predecessor and current Bhutan is located between the new world and the world old. This country is known by a different name: "the last Shangri-La".
Mosquito Bay (Vieques, Puerto Rico):

Some of the special places that tourists easy to feel left out of the earth and drift between the stars. Mosquito Bay, also known as optical Vinh Phat has a luminescent microorganisms called Noctiluca scintillans (light sparkling night).Microbial species capable of bioluminescence (bioluminescent) when disturbed, it can be seen as kind of flickering firelight on the sea. Rowing the gulf between the night with a group of friends, and swimming in a sea full of stars so interesting is unparalleled.
Underwater Museum Cancun (Mexico):

This is the idea of ​​de Caires Taylor Jason artists and it has become the largest underwater museum in the world with 400 statues of this artist. Park just opened object under shallow waters of Cancun, allowing the use of scuba diving (scuba diver) or snorkel (Snorkeller), or swim normally can admire the works of Taylor between algae sea ​​and oysters.
Okavango Delta (Botswana):

Only 17,000 km2 wide, Okavango is the largest inland delta in the world. Tom Hall of Lonely Planet assessment: "It's great wetlands of southern Africa.Travelers canoe through the vast cork trees in the clear air before dawn, then walk watching the elephants, tigers, newspapers and countless other interesting animals ".
Island palm trees (Dubai, UAE):

Although affected by the global financial crisis of 2008, the Palm Islands, Dubai's artificial islands including numerous resorts, villas, shops and entertainment areas of Dubai others are still open wide. It was built on reclaimed land offshore areas using technology of the Netherlands. Although not clear when it will finish, but the island palm trees were really impressed with the world in size and financial strength.
Santorini (Greece):

This crater is the only person in the world. Santorini is one of the most beautiful islands in the more than 6000 islands of Greece. Guests will find satisfaction while tasting some delicious seafood dishes of the Mediterranean region in Perissa beach and jumped onto a scooter, zoom out west to the small town of Oia to watch the sunset. And no surprise that there are also half the people on the island dotted with the sun as you go to sleep.


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