What to expect at Apple in 2015? iPad 12 ", iPhone 6s, Beats, smart house ...

2014 was a memorable time with Apple . The company has launched two the iPhone was the 6 and 6 Plus with the biggest screen to the iPhone family. And yet, the company has refreshed iPad Air with slimmer design, and better screen upgrade inner strength, simultaneously launched Apple Pay payment services aimed at the convenience when paying for goods.Apple Watch also a notable product is Apple announced this year it has not sold. What about next year, why? We can expect nothing from the company? 1. Watch Apple began selling smart meter Model of Apple is causing a lot of curiosity because the company just introduced but never sold the machine to the market. More details about the configuration, battery life, features, and most importantly, price has not been announced officially. Instead, Apple promised to "early 2015" Watch the starters were delivered. There are rumors that particular time would be about 14/2, which is somewhere around Valentine's Day. The pass some information was published, Apple Watch can display and interact with the notification by phone Send out. It also integrates multiple sensor to serve the health monitoring, accompanied by the ability to install applications from the outside. Of course, you will need to have the new iPhone unleash the power of this SmartWatch. One point worth noting is that the Watch will use the knob "Digiral Crown" a working navigate up and down or zoom in to support the touch screen. There are 3 different versions of Apple Watch: usually, sports and luxury to choose from depending on your preferences. 2. iPad Screen 12 "( iPad Pro ?) This is a product that Apple is likely to launch in 2015, but it will be strongly promoting the enterprise segment and not for ordinary consumers. The Companies and organizations can use the iPad form 12 "to support their daily activities more efficiently, especially when the iPad can now run a very good office suite, Microsoft Office by the developed. It may be very difficult to convince the company switched from Windows to a Mac computer, but the iPad will sell much easier if Apple find the right companies is to equip employees tablet. Besides Apple also has partnered with IBM to develop a series of applications for use in many different fields, from tourism, finance and banking to retail. Combined with experience selling technology solutions in enterprise networks IBM, iPad 12 "seems to be the trump card to help Edible Apple" pie "is lucrative. When the situation is still Windows 8 tablet not much point then this is the right time for Apple to jump into the game. Screen size 12 "is also worth mentioning. It is much larger than the iPad Air 9.7 "today, providing a space to work more effectively and more widely. This size is also quite close to the 13" MacBook Air and MacBook Pro on 13 " so users feel comfortable. The remaining problem is that Apple must deploy additional software features some way to make good use of the iPad's large screen, such as multitasking two doors such records. 3. iPhone iPhone 6s and 6s Plus This seems to be a sure thing if we look back at the launch of the iPhone family. Every year Apple introduced the new phone, the generation immediately following which will serve as an upgrade rather completely refreshed. 2014 companies have launched iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and their next generation iPhone will likely 6s and 6s Plus (with Other names may be). As expected, most likely Apple will introduce this new duo in September. So we can expect something in the form of the iPhone in 2015? Often Apple will upgrade the CPU for machine, which can be attached to upgrade the RAM to cope website or reloads that some people experience when you spend 6/6 Plus iPhone. The camera is also expected to increase the resolution up to 13 megapixels, and maybe it will add some interesting software features that, why? There's a guy that we do not seem to care too much, it iPhone 5c. Apple might decide to further reduce the price of this item to seize potential market share of developing countries, where people prefer cheap phone and is to spend money to buy a smartphone Android or Windows Phone Games low. Of course this is only a prediction, and we will have to wait until next year before we know it has become a reality or not. 4. Something related to Beats? Has 6 months after Apple officially acquired Beats, but so far the company has yet to introduce a new product that uses this brand, or at least spend the Beats Audio Technology . Home Mashable doubt that Apple is "hiding" the surprise for 2015 and likely will rely on Tim Cook Beats offer a service to stream music (streaming) that Steve Jobs is not supported.The recent report showed that retail sales online music is declining, while more people are registered to use the online music services such as Spotify, so do not be surprised if Apple goes way this. Even the Beats Beats Music service has its own after all.

Besides, the name was associated with the Beats headphone line is relatively expensive. Try to imagine a future where every iPhone sold will go together with an ear Beats be? This strategy has previously been applied HTC and it also achieved certain successes that alone. iPhone 6s, 6s Plus can also be integrated to the Beats audio technology to increase the experience of the user to enjoy music. Everything can happen in the world of technology always changes. 5. Smart Homes with HomeKit ? HomeKit is an API that allows programmers to write software iOS to control smart appliances, such as light bulbs, refrigerators, microwaves or even the TV. This platform has been published in iOS Appel 8 but so far it has not yet dominant markers, there is no indication that the company plans to launch its own hardware HomeKit. All depends very much on the development, production companies outside.
Reference: Mashable


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